• “A high octane, intellectually gratifying experience … Utterly fascinating.”

    ~ Steven Konkoly, #1 bestselling author of Black Flagged and The Perseid Collapse series.

  • “Intrigue, adventure, high stakes, and all the action you can handle … pure nitroglycerin.”

    ~ Jeff Edwards, award-winning author of The Seventh Angel

  • “A thriller experience not to be missed … The perfect novel for Cussler fans.”

    ~ Sean Ellis, co-author of Wargod and Callsign: King

  • “Authentic, mesmerizing … Tightly woven page-turners filled with meticulous research.”

    ~ Kerry Frey, author of Buried Lie and Shadow of the Flag

  • “A page-burner … Kharitonov weaves in an ample dose of Russian history …”

    ~ Stephen England, best-selling author of Pandora’s Grave

  • “Kharitonov knows his subject matter and keeps the plot moving along at a brilliant pace.”

    ~ Ian Graham, author of Veil of Civility

“Extremely little is known about Ian Kharitonov. Born in Moscow during perestroika, he spent his early years in Southeast Asia. He rediscovered Russia as he earned an economics degree. After turning down diplomatic work in Sweden, he began his career as a thriller author. His debut novel, The Russian Renaissance, won the Grandmaster Award from the Clive Cussler Society, and has been translated into Spanish. He has traveled across Asia, Europe, Russia and the U.S., and is currently busy working on his next book.”

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