The President of Russia is dead.

His successor, dubbed the Kremlin Khan, begins his reign of terror with an audacious plot.

His goal: the destruction of NATO. His weapon: an earth-shattering technology from the wildest nightmares of Nikola Tesla.

But a rogue Russian officer is hellbent on stopping the cataclysm. Enter Eugene Sokolov.

The one-man mission takes Sokolov through a maze of murder and mayhem across Europe. Racing to Berlin, he must confront his past and weather the devastating Kremlin storm. Unless he survives and hunts down a group of GRU saboteurs, the free world may already be doomed.


"Kharitonov's finest effort ... heart-pumping, intricate ... The cloak-and-dagger flow and the combat action are crafted with such authority that I must wonder if writing is merely a front for [a] secret FSB agent ..." ~ John R. Monteith, author of the ROGUE SUBMARINE series.

"I gave Kharitonov a chance and read the entire quartet. I can only conclude that he's either a CIA asset, writing 6 Days of the Condor type junk or he's a card carrying member of the Ukrainian Azov Battalion. If he's Russian, he betrays his country. He'll never be confused with Dostoyevsky." ~ Amazon reviewer.

"Ripped from today's headlines, this fourth entry in the Sokolov books is not only timely, but totally breathtaking in scope. One feels like a GRU assassin is peering over your shoulder as you read, just waiting for you to discover the secret, so he can kill you." ~ Kerry Frey, author of the JARIUS GROUP thrillers.

Available as Kindle ebook, audiobook, and paperback.